Snow & Ice

Brine Makers

Brine is a salt and water mixture that many road maintenance crews rely upon to tend to highways and side roads during Michigan winter weather. Brine doesn’t bounce like salt crystals and stays in place better so it does the job it was intended to do – keep roads free of snow and ice.

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Brine Sprayers

There is a revolution going on in controlling snow and ice on roads and parking lots. Ice Control Sprayers used for anti-icing and de-icing are reducing material and labor costs and making our roads and parking lots safer. Salt (sodium chloride) works best at temperatures at or just below freezing. Liquid products can be effective to temperatures as low as -25 degrees F. Usually salt is spread AFTER the storm hits. Liquid products can be effectively sprayed as much as a week BEFORE the storm. Liquids go into the pores of the road and won’t be thrown from the road. As much as 80% of salt and sand is thrown from the road and wasted. When applied before a storm the chemicals are under the snow and ice and prevent ice from forming a bond to the surface. If plowing is required plowing is easier and only slush not hard pack will remain. Salt is highly corrosive and harmful to vegetation. Liquid products can be much less harmful.

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Liquid Snow & Ice Control

Liquid ice melt is designed to be used as a proactive, preemptive approach to snow and ice management. The product comes as a liquid brine and as it dries it leaves behind a coating of dry salt that immediately reacts with snowfall to prevent snow and ice from bonding to sidewalks, parking garages and other surfaces.

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Combination Bodies

Combination Snow & Ice Control truck bodies are a great way to gain the versatility you need to handle any Snow & Ice problem

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The side-tip live floor feeds a longitudinal conveyor on the street side of the body, which spreads material in front of the rear tires for maximum traction in heavy snow and ice situations. Includes hinged conveyor covers to change to dump body mode in just a few minutes, allowing for conventional dump body use while eliminating the need to remove and store a vee-hopper or tailgate spreader.

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Snow Plows

A snow plow requires a hydraulic system to lift it, and that can be powered in one of two ways: Directly from your truck's engine or from a pump that is powered from your engine. The electrical system (powered directly by your engine) is usually simpler to install, easier to use, and less expensive.

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Arctic Sectionals

To complement our fleet, we manufacture the Sectional Sno-Plow, which is the #1 containment plow in the industry worldwide! Its unique design not only clears obstacles and curbs without damage, but its unmatched surface cleaning capability results in salt savings of over 50%. Click on our link at the bottom to "See the Sectional Sno-Pusher in Action".

The combination of new, reliable equipment, incredible salt savings, and the industry's top rated plow, gives Arctic an unbeatable advantage in reliability, performance and efficiency, and is largely responsible for our "AAA" service rating.

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