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If you work at a job that requires you to lift materials that weigh thousands of pounds, you probably need a mounted service truck crane.

These cranes allow you to lift and lower heavy materials with optimal maneuverability. Additionally, mounted service truck cranes attach to the back of your truck body, allowing you to take the crane with you wherever you go.

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Front End Cylinders

Front-end loaders utilize hydraulic tilt cylinders to raise and lower the equipment’s bucket while moving heavy or large amounts of dirt, gravel, snow, or other substances. Tilt cylinders for front-end loaders must stand up to high loads, heavy-duty applications, and regular usage.

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Fuel Boss Tanks

These Diesel Fuel Boss units are well known as the all-in-one unit. Each tank arrives assembled and ready to use. Equipped with a pump, hose and gun, this diesel unit is a perfect solution for a ranch or construction site.

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Truck hoists are hydraulic or pull-chain systems that raise or tilt the bed of a truck, as in a dump truck. Underbody hoists are typically hydraulic, and are located directly below the truck's bed.

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A hooklift truck is a heavy-duty truck chassis that's been fitted with a hydraulic hooklift hoist. The hydraulic hoist system lets contractors, municipalities and other work vehicle users roll on and roll off different truck bodies or containers.

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Hydraulic Systems

Truck-mounted hydraulic systems, regardless of their application, have in common the basic components and operating principles of any hydraulic system. They utilize a power source, reservoir, pump, directional control valve, and actuators to move and control fluid in order to accomplish work.

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Lift Gates

A Lift Gate is a piece of hydraulic (sometimes electric) equipment that installs on the rear of a truck which enables freight to be lifted from the ground to the height of the truck's tailgate, or from the tailgate to the ground.

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Pusher/Tag Axles

A pusher axle adds stability to the truck's chassis during cornering and takes some of the weight from the tandem and steering axle but can make it difficult to get the maximum allowable weight on the truck's front axle.

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Tarps & Trap Systems

The most common examples of such systems are Asphalt Tarp and Dump Truck Tarping Systems. The Tarp has two long pockets along the Trailer length. The system has two metal arms that are inserted through the side pockets of the Tarp. The tarp is rolled up into a cylindrical roll at the front of the trailer.

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Underbody Cylinders

Underbody hoists are typically hydraulic, and are located directly below the truck's bed. An underbody hoist lifts up the bed of a truck via one or two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders expand at an angle toward the back of the truck, causing the bed to tip backward and dump out its contents.

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